Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dreams about My Father

Guideposts video interview on dreams

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forrest said...

My wife & I read the book aloud to each other, loved it--and our dreams the next several nights would serve as good examples of that "Why don't _I_ see the crazy thing I'm doing?" phenomena you described. And since then we've returned to virtually not remembering.

So I'm trying to keep myself teachable, in waking life as well as in the dreams. And I'd like to receive more Big Messages, but the Teacher evidently doesn't think I'm ready for them as of now.

Everything in its time... and meanwhile, a lot to think about. The connection between distrust of God in dreams and in waking. Lest we turn and be healed... the interpretation. Because that's our initial way of trying to digest ("grok"?) what we're given, which works so far as it does, but not far enough.