Friday, December 30, 2005

North of Eden

For the past four years I've been a student of Marc Bregman's. He's discovered an extraordinary way of working with dreams for personal and spiritual growth.
You can learn more about him and his community, North of Eden, by going over to

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Beyond Rivalry

Beyond Rivalry, a blog with a depth and breadth of interest that embraces wine and spirituality, made a comment on the first chapter I posted.

Here's a brief excerpt:
[Rodger Kamenetz ]talks about a "special knowing" available to us in dreams sometimes; that resonates with my reflections on my own dreams: Occasionally, I know something -- either something factual or something intuitive -- in the dream that I don't remembering having known outside the dream, but which it turns out is true or right. Where did that knowledge come from?

You can read the whole thing at:

He or she (I'm such a newbie to blogs I can't quite figure out where to find the author of this blog)-- goes on to speculate about the answers, but I would like to stay with the question because it's so important.

Dreams feel like they possess a knowing outside our own knowing. Dreams are uncanny. They reveal a knowledge I didn't know I had.