Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dreams are a gift: perhaps from God, the great common soul or some great unknown that we can only hold in reverence. Often dreams feel deep and awesome, other times they are tedious reproductions of our tedious days.
How do we gain access to the gift of the dream? Dreams have fascinated humankind since the Bible, challenged religious authority, regained their magnetic pull for Freud and Jung, and have become the subject of therapy, healing and even media discussion.

Rodger Kamenetz, the author of The History of Last Night's Dream: Discovering the Hidden Path to the Soul, has a very specific path to suggest. Find out more at or In his search, he takes us through the Bible, Rabbinic thought, Christianity, modern psychoanalysis, contemporary religious seekers, Tibetan Buddhism and finally a very specific path of archetypal dream work which he discovered and embraced on his journey through dream work. Kamenetz will give a keynote address as a launch to this day-long exploration of dreaming that will allow each person to encounter and explore new physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual horizons through encountering the gift of the dream.

World class professionals and scholars in each field will present a variety of opinions and worldviews that promise to challenge and shape whole new ways of looking at dreaming.