Friday, October 12, 2007


It was a rainy evening in Chicago but we had a lively discussion about dreams, including some great questions from a group of high school kids.
ShapiShap, who I met and signed a book for wrote a comment on his blog:
He writes:
I appreciated his comments, and particularly enjoyed the Q&A, because this author/poet had some firm opinions regarding reality, and seemed to become a bit frustrated with the audience for not getting the point.

If you've ever been to a book reading, you know the kinds of off-topic, absurd, painfully blurry questions/comments people make. Apparently this poet/author either wasn't familiar with this phenomenon, or he just wasn't having any of it. It even got a little heated, to the point where he had to insist to one guy: "Okay. You know what? We've got no quarrel here. Mazel tov. Next question?"

Well maybe.. actually as I remember it the guy asked me what was the connection between my new work and The Jew in the Lotus, and with meditation. I answered him that my curiosity about visualization and dreams in Tibetan Buddhism led me to wonder about the same in Judaism. He didn't seem to accept this. I had the sense that he liked meditation and was wondering why I was moving into dreams. I just said, dreams are working for me, if meditation works for you, wonderful.. mazel tov.

I have a lot of fans of the old work and sometimes they don't want you to change...

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Lori Witzel said...

Wow -- a blog about this book, and no comments? How could that be?

Just a fast, smiling drive-by to let you know I was so engaged with your book I've been boring my friends urging them to get it and read it.

And of course I've had some mighty juicy dreams bubble up, I'm sure in response to the invitation your book provides for dreams to "be" as they will, undiluted by nattering interpretation.

In short -- thanks.