Tuesday, September 01, 2009


The History of Last Night's Dream is available at Amazon
or Barnes and Noble or
your friendly local INDEPENDENT book store.

Read more about the book or Rodger on his website.


Amanda Coppedge said...

I just finished reading your beautiful new book and posted a review on Your book has opened my eyes. My dreams will never be the same. Luckily I have been recording and tagging them in my blog since 2001 so I can now easily go back over recurring themes from the past. Thank you for being unafraid to share your own dreams. I hope this book gets the attention it deserves.

Rodger Kamenetz said...

Thanks Amanda

Lori Witzel said...

Ah! I missed the comments here, I was dashing through too fast...

Hope it's not too much to say "thanks" again.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome

Steve said...

Had a dream that Andrei Codrescu was yelling at me. Anything?

Getting the book this weekend. Maybe that will help.


Geraldine said...

It was certainly a fascinating read. I was also pleased to read about the jewish tradition. i am an irish catholic, and know just about nothing about jewish tradition. Could relate a lot back to my own upbringing and the catechism.
Also learning to observe and value my dreams in a new way has not only enlightened me, but given me peace. Once i decided to respect my dreams more it was as if they became clearer, too, and easier to remember.
However, the last section of the book made me uneasy. I got the feeling that in some of the groups that have been set up, people need to be careful not to get so caught up in their dreams etc that these take over from actually just living your life. Isn't it always about balance, so that in the long run, we live the most profitable and enriching life possible.