Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Beyond Rivalry

Beyond Rivalry, a blog with a depth and breadth of interest that embraces wine and spirituality, made a comment on the first chapter I posted.

Here's a brief excerpt:
[Rodger Kamenetz ]talks about a "special knowing" available to us in dreams sometimes; that resonates with my reflections on my own dreams: Occasionally, I know something -- either something factual or something intuitive -- in the dream that I don't remembering having known outside the dream, but which it turns out is true or right. Where did that knowledge come from?

You can read the whole thing at:

He or she (I'm such a newbie to blogs I can't quite figure out where to find the author of this blog)-- goes on to speculate about the answers, but I would like to stay with the question because it's so important.

Dreams feel like they possess a knowing outside our own knowing. Dreams are uncanny. They reveal a knowledge I didn't know I had.

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Bill said...

Information about the author of "Beyond Rivalry" is on the left column of the page beneath archives and links.