Monday, August 15, 2005


Welcome to TALKING DREAM. My name is RODGER KAMENETZ and I'm a writer. Some of my books include THE JEW IN THE LOTUS and STALKING ELIJAH. For the past four years I've been working on an exciting book about dreams, and a new way to work with them. I have studied hundreds of dreams, and investigated the current research. However in the end, I found that the ancient world probably has more to say to us about dreams than the brain scientists.

Dreams have the power to reveal us to ourselves, and they are too important to ignore.

On this forum, I'll be posting dreams and talking about how to work with them: for greater insight and for deeper change. I invite you also to comment and post your own dreams. I will respond as best I can.

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KLee said...

Hi, Rodger! I'm not shy...I'll be happy to start things off!

First of all, thank you in advance for any and all dream interpretations you provide for us. Secondly, I linked to you via the lovely Phantom Scribbler.

My dream is a recurring one. Details will change, and I will often know I'm dreaing when it happens, but I often dream that all of my teeth have fallen out. In the dream, it worries me greatly.

I'm curious as to what it means, because I'm not normally so vain. It always makes me think I'm becoming more and more preoccupied with how I look.